SortMoney Personal Finance: News with views 07 Dec

December 7, 20141

Some good news for squeezed middle. Boy I love elections! With exactly 6 months to go to elections it is no wonder the Autumn statement is friendly to squeezed middle who are the wavering voters. We have…

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Personal Finance: News with Views

December 1, 20140

Welcome to our first ever newsletter! Every week we will bring you 6 of the best personal finance stories you can’t afford to miss. The stores will be sourced from popular newspapers and bloggers along with our own…

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65 tips you can use today: The largest list of tips on how to save money in UK give your savings a boost or get out of debt fast

October 17, 20140

 Buy almost new apparel You would be surprised at what you can find on internet used nowadays. Some of it is unwanted gifts but mostly it is stuff people want to sell in order to get…

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All the Essentials of ISAs in 60 seconds

October 1, 20140

This infographic has all the essentials of ISAs. Part 1 of our 60 secs SortMoney Bites Series.

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4 easy steps to work out the right opening offer for a property

September 9, 20140

Once you have set your eyes on a house you want to buy you need to decide on the right opening offer. Offer too low and you could end up not only losing the property but…

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SEIS – Make an Investment with No Tax on Gains & make HMRC pickup 50% of the Cost

September 2, 20141

Yes you have read it right. SEIS is a perfectly legal investment scheme by UK Government, where you pay no capital gain tax on potentially unlimited gains, and HMRC pays you back 50% of your cost (in the…

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Should I fix my mortgage rate?

August 21, 20140

I get this question a lot nowadays. With all the current news about expected increases in Bank of England rate it is definitely the time to think about this quite carefully. Mark Carney signals BOE preparing…

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5 (near) sure signs that market is in bubble territory

August 5, 20140

Most people think it is really difficult to spot a bubble before it bursts. That’s probably true nevertheless there are definite indicators we can look to and sometimes they are very very apparent. Here are the…

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Things people will do for a fiverr!

July 20, 20140 is a website where people do things for 5$. Some of these are useful e.g. producing a quick logo but some are downright bizarre. And still others are bizarre yet kind-of cute. Below definitely fall…

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Why UK has no Mint (or why I stay clear of financial aggregator sites)?

July 2, 201424

By Rajkanwar Batra Mint is a website in US & Canada which aggregates your bank and credit card information. On last count it had 10 million users. Now owned by a big corporation(Intuit), it was started…

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