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Revenge Evictions being Banned
First off we have the news by Daily Mail that a new bill being debated would ban revenge evictions for 6 months.

What this means is that if you have tenants and they complain against you for not maintaining the property properly, you would not be able to evict them immediately by giving a section 21 notice.

A section 21 notice is given where landlord want the tenant to leave at the end of their assured short hold tenancy. To note the tenants must continue to pay the rent and situation does not cover tenants being evicted for being anti-social etc.

In our opinion while this is a welcome development safeguards should be built in the law to prevent tenants gaming they system by making frivolous complaints. If you feel strongly about it you should write to your MP. The contact details of your local MP can be found here.

Debt to GDP Ratio Hits 83%
While the Government is busy tinkering with the private lettings market figures released last week by UK Government show that Government deficit in 2014/15 may be higher than it was last year and 6th highest in last 20 years.

In 1997 the deficit was 40% of GDP while now it is tipped to reach 83%. While there is no immediate cause for panic and as recovery takes steam the figure should fall, we are worried by the fact that we are now worse off than Albania(60.6%) and not particularly far from Sudan(97.6%).

British spend the most on Christmas gifts in Europe
But do we have to right to complain against our Government’s profligate ways when we spend more on Christmas gifts than everywhere else in Europe even though it means going in debt.
Don't Work. Own a House
Meanwhile even after recent breather in house price increases you could make more money owning an average house in London in one year than working as a nurse or a teacher.
BOE Thinks Rates would Stay Low for Long-term
In another bit of good news for homeowners and borrowers the Bank of England economist has said that interest rates would remain at 3% for long-term. Not such a good news for savers
Is Job Market Improving?
And finally while it might not feel like it but the job market does seem to be improving with advertised vacancies outstripping jobseekers for first time since the recession.

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